Designed with care. Made to last a lifetime.

I value when people make conscious choices: In the things they do as in acquiring that which will surround them. I like to see my work as a contribution to these conscious choices. Both this, as the joy and fulfillment of creating, are my major motivations to design.

As an independent furniture designer I am involved in every step of the creating process: from the conception of an idea, going through the modeling, planning and preparation of the material, up to the construction of the final product. During this process a clear communication is key for me to come to a close understanding with my clients.


I aim to create aesthetic, functional and timeless furniture, using high quality materials. To this, the way I work is twofold: with designed pieces, made by order and adapted to your needs, or with custom made projects, which implies a completely personalized design.


Interested in my work? Feel free to contact me.




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